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phoneAlarm Pro - Best Windows Mobile alarm software 2008

phoneAlarm - 2007 Winner Best phone profile software

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phoneAlarm - phone profiles and alarms

phoneAlarm is the award winning, best phone profile application for Windows Mobile.
Automatic control of all your important settings based on where you are or what you are doing. Repeating alarms when you need them, intelligent call filtering and much, much more.

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User Feedback / Reviews:

Why didn’t Microsoft ever think of this in the first place! phoneAlarm is a “must-have” program and one of the first to be loaded on any device.

phoneAlarm is what phone profiles should be - fully customizable and with a plethora of options to make your phone behave as it should.
I personally love the ability to change profiles based on the appointment category.

Jon Westfall,

We have found phoneAlarm to be so good at so many things that we are at a loss to really categorize it as one particular tool.

I second this - you really MUST try this out. I can't imagine living without it now after just 2 weeks of use.

Mobile Freak (

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