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Windows Mobile

buttonMax v2.10

Our product offering a powerful button mapper application with the first ever full macro recording / playback feature for Pocket PC devices.

Supports Pocket PC 2002, Windows Mobile 2003 & WM 2003 SE

NOTE: v2.10 does NOT work on WM 5.0+


buttonMax Key Features

  • Record 3 actions for each hardware button (also including navigation control)
  • Record full featured macros - any action you can perform with stylus can be recorded and automatically replayed
  • Define upto 28 actions per application, including opening another application, opening documents and quick access to many System settings
  • Includes German & Spanish user interface

New in v2.10

  • New appointment & task automatically created in Pocket Informant or Agenda Fusion if installed
  • New actions: Screen rotate (WM 2003 SE only), OK/Close, Soft-reset, Context menu
  • Simpler installation with auto-reset
  • Start menu & volume control scrolling support added


The ability to record and playback macros is what makes buttonMax special. You can record any sequence of screen taps, including the delay between taps for later playback via button press, or as an alarmToday alarm. Screen taps includes such things as menu selections, soft-keyboard input (for example password to logon to mail client) and even signatures or Transcriber input.

Macro recording start / stop is controlled via pressing Hardware button 4, so it is easy to setup device for correct start location before recording begins

Examples of Macro use:

  • Connect to your email account or AvantGo account and synchronise data while you're still sleeping (and connection costs are cheaper!).
  • Beam your business card via Infrared with a single button-click (no extra software required)

Last Updated (Friday, 30 July 2010 01:23)