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Auto List is a simple ToDo list program I've created in the last week to help organize my mass of paper "todo" lists and actually get  all the things DONE
It works on WM 5+ (including WM 6.5) and should work on all screen formats: QVGA to WQVGA, VGA and WVGA
It implements the Autofocus v4 system (as much as possible at least  :wink:) developed by Mark Foster at:

I'll post a first prototype in a few hours, for anyone interested in playing with it and providing feedback.

A warning though - it is still a prototype (not even a beta) so crashes and data loses will still occur!  Don't YET trash your paper lists
Use the "Backup" option on the Main screen often, the lists that 'Auto List' uses are simple (UNICODE) text lists so you should be able to easily import information from other systems  

For now Auto List will be free (or donate-ware), though that might change in a few months
WAIT all day
[goto start]

Is it soup yet?


Yes - here is the first test version  :wink:

I wanted to get it a bit more polished before first posting, I've now been using it the last week without losing any data so should be pretty stable.
I've also fixed the memory leaks and other serious issues so this version should be usable for real lists

I've also attached the first draft of the User Guide which includes a few tips on using the program - it will be extended further for the next update in a few days.

Main features still missing:
 - Auto-backup  (every day with multiple versions over last week)
 - Export to HTML
 - Import an existing list (in CSV format)
 - recurring list (automatically adds items you do every day, week or month)

Main issues still open:
 - Long text  (I'm working on this in the History view, so it will look a bit strange in some cases!)
 - Archive view isn't working yet

[Penguin] Newer version further down this page!
Downloading now, will send some feedback by tomorrow evening.

I have made two attampts to test this...
Installing to the storage card- main screen was visible with the exception of the softkey menus (I had the standard softkeys)  list level screens were blank. The popout menus were standard windows mobile not the large touch menus shown in the screen shots. New list entries weren't visible but they were reflected in the item count on the main screen.
Installing to main memory- Same as above for menus and softkeys however list level screens showed the "line" and entries (Old and New).

I am running SPB mobile Shell I tried exiting the shell and restarting Auto List with the same results as above.
I like the idea of this software and I will try all builds and report on what I find.

HTC Touchpro, WM 6.1, SPB Mobile Shell 3.5.3

[Penguin] Please post a screen-shot (or email to "support AT")
Use free "SPB Screenshot" if you have no tool already installed
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