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Feel free to post any requests for phoneAlarm (including the PRO version) in this thread

Note:  Any posted requests that are then included in planned feature list might then be deleted to maintain clarity

See the beta thread for info regarding release dates and to report any issues / problems
Hi Bruce, really looking forward to phonealarm on android. Once you have the profiles working i can get rid of tasker.
I see that you arent doing app links, but i would like contact links to work as they did in winmo. I cant find an app that does this. The best i have so far is launch x pro but this only does one tel. no. and a text.

T would like on the pop up:
Home No.
Mobile No.
Work No.
Text Mobile

Really pleased you choose android.

[Penguin] Added to my "probable" list - as I used that feature as well has a good chance  :wink:  (Pop-up list of last 10 callers will also be on my list)

Just in case I missed it somewhere, it would be nice to have the phoneFilter functions for black/whitelist/etc. depending on profile.


[Penguin] Will add that to my "probable" list as well - is certainly a good marketing point  :wink:
Timed mute please.

[Penguin] Of course - snoozing alarms for "x" minutes will also be included.
location switch, Time switch, Headset switch for different profiles with start off a program.


[Penguin] Yes - all of those WILL be in phoneAlarm Pro
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