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Sorry for the delay with next beta. Had numerous minor issues with Gingerbread but all should now work correctly on all devices.

I've also added a medium sized widget that I find more useful.
Just working on custom skinning and a background alarm service then first release will be ready.

Please send logs (via Settings menu) if you have any issues - and also if there is any 3rd party email client that isn't working / opening
Nice to hear news from you :)

Two questions:
1. is it possible to open the precise appointment where I can dismiss notification or snooze it on calendar alarm and not the day view of calendar?
2. Really need the open last email agent on email alarm option, because now for me pA shows both gmail and android alarms but open only gmail as it is set as default mail agent.

Thank you in advance!
hi Bruce - eagerly awaiting your release with profile management... wanted to check status on that... I have been holding off on buying any other apps that do this, but my wife is getting a little tired of me forgetting to turn everything off before going to bed :) and since I became so dependent on pAlarm to do it for me I can;t seem to remember!!
I have the exact same profile needs.  Weighing wife aggro vs cost of a profile switcher and figuring out which one is best.

--- Quote from: BryanP on April 12, 2011, 04:51:08 PM ---I have the exact same profile needs.  Weighing wife aggro vs cost of a profile switcher and figuring out which one is best.

--- End quote ---


There won't be a public alpha of profile version for at least another 3 weeks!  Only after phoneAlarm is released will I finalise the settings for PRO version
The current version of phoneAlarm turns off all alarms at night though via Advanced Settings!
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